i like Rad Hourani.

[photos from sonnyphotos / dazed digital]

I used to be a very colourful person. I always had to put some kind of colours onto my outfit everyday. That colour obsession changed a bit to tone down after I came to CSM. (well, that's because everyone here wears black?) And since people started to categorise the black as BLACK = CHIC / EDGY, I started to move back to colour again..........until I noticed this wonderful AW collection by Rad Hourani! It's a bit cliche to have black well-fitted leather trousers or leather jacket, but they are timeless, and so fierce!! I love its hardness, powerful statement designs. 

I really want to go back to winter so I can wear fabulous fur coats, sleeeeek leather jacket & leggings! 

i like kai-aakmann.

Check out the new Kai-aakmann Spring/Summer 2010 Promo video that I worked my ass off for the whole day interview! ... (don't get me wrong, it was wayy to much fun!)
Website is soon to be re-open, but check them out later too!

박순진실장님과 스탭분들이 오셔서 촬영하고 가신 카이아크만 비디오가 드디어 나왔다!
찍고 정작 결과물을 보지 못했던 터라 많이 궁금했는데, "사랑이 뭐라고생각해요?" 라고 묻는 나도 어색할 거라고 생각한 참 cheeeesy 한 '사랑'에 대해 너무 부드럽게 영상으로 잘 나온거 같아 말만 해댄 나지만 참 뿌듯하다 :)

i like YSL fall 2010 (1).

Yves Saint Laurent fall 2010 backstage

It's always very interesting to see backstage of fashion show; their line-ups, make up, hair, craziness...etc., etc. I love love the make up on the first model! I guess if I try to do the same makeup on my face--I would prob look very gothic or trying-too-hard-makeup-look. Yes, for sure. 
정말 처음 모델처럼 메이크업하면..너무 심할까 흠.
왠지 동양인 얼굴에 하면 금자씨 느낌 날지도? 

Collection photos will be updated ! 
(soon I hope)


i like Balenciaga Fall 2010.

[photos from style.com]

Balenciaga Fall 2010

I always will be fan of Nicolas. 
Once again, this fall collection is just A-MAZZING. 
(I even thought that I was looking at Spring collection because of its lovely colours!)
He seems he's the only real-true creator in fashion now. 
He always experiments with silhouettes and colours. I love them. 
And these shoes...oh god. I kind of was going to stop buy any pairs of shoes, but he just made me to break my promise. 

I'm already can't wait for this year's fall to come !

"Here were all the designer’s codes: sculptural shapes, streamlined pants, shoes with block heels that looked like a Cubist painting and artistic references. They included allusions to Cristóbal Balenciaga’s work in “angel wing” shapes. For the new version, they were created as a padded puffa bodice with loose flaps at the back.
Then there were the fabrics and their treatments — perhaps the most revolutionary thing about this collection since Mr. Ghesquière already has established his sci fi-meets-Star Wars look."
- from NYTimes.

니콜라스가 또 한건 하셨다 ! 
도대체 저런 완벽한 색깔조합은 어떻게 만들어내는걸까. 
매번 새로운 실루엣에, 새로운 아이템에...
절-대 지루할 수가 없는 발렌시아가 ! 

..아, 신발이 또 하나 늘어날것만 같다..... :( 
근데 너무 예뻐 ! 

i like Balmain Fall 2010.

[photos from style.com]

Balmain Fall 2010

                I admit that I'm not a huge fan of Balmain, because their collection doesn't really 'wow' me or wants to pay £1000 for their power shoulder jackets, but their fall 2010 actually wants me to buy / put them into my wardrobe! His Rococo-inspired patterns and vibrant colours are just fabulous ! 

Should I start saving now? 

i like ipad.

Should I just get this? And kept being an APPLE-LOVER ?

I love this video by the way...