i like Balenciaga Fall 2010.

[photos from style.com]

Balenciaga Fall 2010

I always will be fan of Nicolas. 
Once again, this fall collection is just A-MAZZING. 
(I even thought that I was looking at Spring collection because of its lovely colours!)
He seems he's the only real-true creator in fashion now. 
He always experiments with silhouettes and colours. I love them. 
And these shoes...oh god. I kind of was going to stop buy any pairs of shoes, but he just made me to break my promise. 

I'm already can't wait for this year's fall to come !

"Here were all the designer’s codes: sculptural shapes, streamlined pants, shoes with block heels that looked like a Cubist painting and artistic references. They included allusions to Cristóbal Balenciaga’s work in “angel wing” shapes. For the new version, they were created as a padded puffa bodice with loose flaps at the back.
Then there were the fabrics and their treatments — perhaps the most revolutionary thing about this collection since Mr. Ghesquière already has established his sci fi-meets-Star Wars look."
- from NYTimes.

니콜라스가 또 한건 하셨다 ! 
도대체 저런 완벽한 색깔조합은 어떻게 만들어내는걸까. 
매번 새로운 실루엣에, 새로운 아이템에...
절-대 지루할 수가 없는 발렌시아가 ! 

..아, 신발이 또 하나 늘어날것만 같다..... :( 
근데 너무 예뻐 ! 

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