i like the afternoon with friends when we go to relik.

Ben/Becky/and I met up last week and explored around Notting Hill area.

These photos were taken while we were heading to Relik!
Relik is the vintage shop where you can find Vintage Chanel, YSL, Thierry Mugler, etc, etc. It doesn't open all the time, but I think everyone should check out this shop! :) pretty amazing vintage clothings and jewleries! And apparently few pieces from this shop features in several magazines!

노팅힐 포토벨로를 한-참 지나서 있는 Relik!
디자이너 빈티지 의류가 정-말 많은데다가
가격도 꽤...괜찮은 편이다 :)  디자이너 의류치고?
꼭 사진 않더라도 다 입어보고 사기 직전까지 가는 스테이지까지 갔다오면
기분전환이 됬다가도 기운이 팍- 빠지게 하는 (힘드니까) place.

8 Golborne Rd, London W10 5NW

i like Ruth Hogben.

Currently OBSESSED film/video maker: Ruth Hogben.
She made films with Nick Knight, Gareth Pugh, Rick Owens, etc, etc.
Her use of repeatitive images with strong classical music/machinary sounds definitely bring strong impacts to viewers like me!
I just love her. she's amazing.


그냥 무조건 봐야한다.
아직 젊은 나이에 가장 hot한 디자이너들과 같이 작업하는 그녀의 비디오는
진짜, 그냥 와-우:D
그녀가 gareth pugh 와 작업한 비디오 (첫번째) 보고서 너무 감동받았었는데, 유튜브에서 그녀 이름을 치면 나오는 비디오들 하나씩,하나씩 보다보면 시간가는줄 모른다! 나도 비디오나 만들까...크크

i like the bamboo forest.

[30/12/09 DAMYANG: BAMBOO FOREST / my mom & my brother]

little trip with mom & bro to gwangju (my dad's hometown)
Gwangju has a place called 'dam-yang' which is known for bamboo! This photo was taken at the bamboo forest which was absolutely b e a u tiful! Also when wind blows, these bamboos make sounds(?); it's the most amazing and relaxing sound that you can ever hear in this noisy world!

담양에 처음가는거였는데- 생각보다 재밌고 조용하고.. :) 굉장히 peaceful! 아주좋아요.

happy new year!

[fever 5 walkerhill party with f.p.m & daishi dance]
bye bye 2009-
finally 2010!
일기를 쓴다는 마음으로, s t a r t :D