i like 3D in fashion.

3D is everywhere! Vogue Italia already started to make their editorials 3D, (get yourself a September 2010 issue!) and now Another Magazine is exclusively presenting 3D film featuring Kate Moss. I'm sure everyone owns a pair of 3D glasses, so wear it, watch it, and get fascinated by throwing diamonds! :)

i like Bruce Weber.

W magazine / July 2008
리서치 하다가 찾은 W 비디오. 라라 스톤, 케이트모스, 다리아 워보이 까지 탑모델들이 모여 만든 화보&비디오! 요새 패션포토그래퍼들은 다 강렬하고 엣-지있게 찍으려고 난리인데, Bruce가 만들어낸 마치 wonderland같은 느낌이 너무 좋다! 마치 다같이 놀다가 "사진찍자!" 해서 찍은, 신경쓰지 않은 듯한 사진들 :)

i like Jane Birkin & Serge Gainsbourg.

Famous Jane Birkin and her ex-husband Serge Gainsbourg. They are like the most perfect French-chic couple to me. (Although they separated) Their daughter Charlotte Gainsbourg is also a role model for French chic; the whole family is all about French-chic!!